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"It's funny, isn't it? How your best friend can just blow up like that." - Monty Python, 1970

History has a strange way of re-inventing itself, does it not? A fading memory, a fast reversal, a dispassionate choice…all become the sterile focus of a self-serving ego. All crumble mercilessly against the intoxicating pledge of success, worldly accomplishment and personal gain. Arrogance and greed, you see, are really quite effortless. Especially for some.

This week a friend, lover or close relative may offer disappointing words, actions or promises. Oddly enough, though, all such meanderings may also inspire a passionate awakening or trigger a powerful desire for social change. Listen closely to your deepest instincts this week. A startling revelation of hope, revised promises and loyalty may soon be difficult to ignore.

For most signs this kind of emotional shift has actually been slowly evolving over the past four years. Now, and continuing on over the next few weeks, a lifestyle, key relationship or long-term social agreement may all be revealed to be unproductive, out-of-date or deceptive.

No harm here, though…planetary influences also indicate that this is the right time to remove unnecessary illusions from your life, challenge the outdated ethics of someone close or find more positive outlets for social creativity.

And so, someone close may this week choose the material world over all that is truly valuable. If so, don't flinch and don't look back.

There may be nothing there.

For August 28, 2014
Aries Aries
(March 21-April 20)

Image: "A film critic at a silent movie festival"
Message: Reviewing the past.

Personal reflection will captivate your attention today. Unproductive patterns between loved ones can now be easily identified and dispelled. Use this time to accept yesterday's disappointments and acknowledge today's positive influences. A new era of emotional growth will soon arrive.

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