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"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." - Ruth Renkel

A murdered Highlander at Canada's War Memorial Cenotaph, a crazed gunman on Parliament Hill, barricaded MPs, terrified by-standers and RCMP sharp-shooters amid a hail of bullets that echoed through the pristine halls of Centre Block. Today Canada had its 9/11.

All I can say is….thank God for Sergeant-at-Arm Kevin Vickers. That man deserves a raise.

The irony, however, that 'Canada's 9/11' actually happened on '10/22' is in no way lost on me. Strange, isn't it… how these things progress?

Almost methodical, as if Canada's next level of security were destined to unfold before us like some fat envelope bulging with secret RCMP documents. As if our own private paranoia could be planned, manufactured and used against us to send some fearful message…a message of war. As if these events were orchestrated.

Well…to be blunt…they were. But not in the way you might imagine.

I have learned a great deal about fear in recent months. And I am here to tell you….fear is a benediction. Fear is our own unconscious revealing the way forward. Fear boasts the obvious, accepts the necessary and fear, wise teacher that it is, secretly speaks with a gentle and faraway voice.

Spiritually, fear exists to show us the tricks of our own ego, to sharpen our resolve and to illuminate all that needs to be healed, understood and welcomed home.

It really is as simple as that.

Canada, you see, will soon greatly expand both her role in the world and her reputation as a calming influence for others. Canada will conquer her fear.

I knew that when…amid all the terror and mayhem and confusion that was '10/22' one newscaster, while genuinely astonished by the actions of our mild-mannered Sergeant-At-Arms, muttered quietly into the camera 'Geez, eh? Kevin got him.'

For October 23, 2014
Aries Aries
(March 21-April 20)

Image: "In Las Vegas, a gambler throwing the dice"
Message: Anticipated rewards.

Sensitivity in romantic relationships is now vital. Over the next few days loved ones are privately evaluating the seriousness of long-term commitments. Key issues may involve lack of communications, broken promises or sudden social reversals. Remain optimistic. Diplomacy and attention are needed.

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