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"She laughed, and straight away the sky was serene in that quarter." - Ovid, Fasti 3

When Ovid first penned his homage to the goddess Venus, I wonder if he thought about the future of humanity. Certainly, the timeless majesty of all things celestial was written deeply into his verse and…clearly…he cherished the sacredness of the past. So, what of the future? What of us?

In recent weeks the planet Venus has hung low in the eastern sky over much of North America. Such purity…such brilliance; she has radiated with a clarity that amplifies her fiery desire and fierce nature.

Venus rules love, attraction, passion, birth, transformation, accomplishment, balance and, oddly enough, the sea…to name but a few. Most importantly, however, Venus…masterful planetary energy that she is…rules over all that begins and all that ends. She, like Shiva, represents a kind of perfection that is limitless, transcendent, unchanging and yet both benevolent and fearsome.

And there she hangs; luminous over my house and over North America. Waiting.

I suspect the coming 18 months will be a particularly powerful time for much of the globe. Important agreements will be reached involving international boundaries, immigration policies, trading standards, industrial practices and criminal jurisdiction. Much of Europe, Russia and the Middle East will be particularly affected by these new rules and, for a while, will appear friendly, accepting and complacent.

By late autumn of 2015, however, most European and Middle Eastern countries…as well as the United States and much of the Common Wealth…will, amid a series of swift economic downturns and escalating terrorist attacks, abandon all such pleasantries and begin a phase of hostile posturing.

Economic sanctions, severe trade policies, bizarre forms of public justice and abandoned embassies will soon become the new weapons of choice. Many North American cities will be debilitated by widespread flooding and a series of complex economic reversals. Banks will fail. Governments will flounder. Maritime laws will be routinely disregarded. And by early March 2016 the possibility of physical warfare will loom large.

No simple story, this. But then again, Venus…according to Ovid…favors the bold. We must find our way through all of this.

Perched precariously in the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius in the later months 2016, the influence of Venus will likely reverse all diplomatic progress made over the previous 22 months. And, once Neptune goes stationary direct in mid-November of 2016, a new era of sudden political reactions, disregarded laws and global skirmishes will begin. This period will last five years. I would suspect, however, that no far reaching or global World War will begin during this time. But there will be great and lasting change.

In his epic poem Fasti, Ovid hints at the twin sides of Venus's fiery nature. Birth-death, creation- destruction, love-indifference….we can only hope that her gentle warmth endures beyond her blistering fury.

"For they say that April was named from the open season, because spring then opens all things, and the sharp frost-bound cold departs, and the earth unlocks her teeming soil, though kindly Venus claims the month and lays her hand on it. She indeed sways, and well deserves to sway, the world entire; she owns a kingdom second to that of no god; she gives laws to heaven and earth and to her native sea, and by her inspiration she keeps every species in being."

For January 29, 2015
Aries Aries
(March 21-April 20)

Image: "Deep in space, a satellite orbiting a distant star"
Message: Exploration.

Special permissions and business announcements provide fresh options. Unproductive team projects or failed contracts will be reassigned. Ask for added duties and obligations. This is the right time to impress key officials or prove the validity of your skills. Find creative ways to further complex ideas. All is well.

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