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"Evil is not something superhuman, it's something less than human" - Agatha Christie

What price do we pay when we ignore our own better nature?

Little ones, at first… I would expect. The quiet germination of pride, a wry smile at an advantage gained, clever secrets, false confidence and the slow creep of insensitivity….and, of course, all that delicious, delicious attention.

Illusions, like weeds, can easily blossom in any healthy garden.

But these are the tactics of a small mind, you say? This is a lazy man's approach to life.

No, not in the least. In fact… quite the opposite: huge amounts of mental expertize and emotional wherewithal are needed to stay half a step ahead of all those judgments, all that lying.

And it happens in the most innocent of places: on the schoolyard, in a crowded store, after the game, on a busy street corner, at the office, after a good meal. We've all heard and felt the harsh words of the self-important ones. And, sadly, many of us may even be guilty of such prideful moments of mistrust, greed and petty arrogance.

It's a human thing, a spiritual obstacle to overcome. It's why we are here.

The turning point, however, is when the choke of all that undergrowth becomes far more fascinating than the garden itself. The point of no return is when mistruth strangles honesty. And at that point, it becomes only one thing….a race to the bottom.

This week some of us will witness just such a struggle. A friend, colleague or relative may face a subtle but important emotional test concerning a private relationship or social embarrassment. Honest disclosure versus clever denial. And it will likely be a simple, seemingly irrelevant choice.

Do whatever it takes to encourage sincerity and open discussion.

This week the subtle beginnings of a slow personal downfall may be taking root. Be proactive: refuse to accept anything less than the truth.

For July 24, 2014
Cancer Cancer
(June 22-July 22)

Image: "In a gently summer breeze, wind chimes"
Message: Social reminders.

Romantic overtures are delightfully seductive. Listen closely for subtle hints or unexpected social compliments. Although new relationships may take time to fully develop, new intimacy and shared emotional goals will prove powerfully rewarding. Stay dedicated and wait for obvious signals.

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