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"The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive." -- John Sladek

Tis the season, is it not? For prognostication, I mean.

What disasters will 2015 bring? Will the economy improve? Who will run for office? And, perhaps most importantly, who will Madonna kiss next? I can assure you, as New Year's Eve draws ever closer newsprint editors across the globe are silently hunting that illusive creature known as 'the predictive astrologer'.

So many pages to fill.

Oh yes….cast your gaze toward the darkened alleyways of any major city and, if patient enough, you'll eventually witness a small furtive band of errant astrologers darting franticly through the shadows. Trailing close behind, of course, will be a host of gibbering, impressionable editors hungry for a quick quote and an easy feel-good article. It's a sight best not seen before noon.

And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the stars, the cosmos and the ancient wisdom of astrology. And, for that matter, it has nothing to do with writing.

Do I sound jaded?

Perhaps I am. But, you see, I have suffered through the ravenous materialism that is the modern world and I have experienced the caustic wilderness of its journalism. And, in my opinion, far too many gifted writers have lost their way inside that insatiable wasteland. Far, far too many.

Jaded? You bet….but only because I still respect the ancient ways. I still remember.

Spiritually and emotionally, 2015 will be a year of great revealing. Nations and individuals alike will be quickly and publicly defined by their immediate actions, attitudes and beliefs. And there will be little room for misunderstanding, little room for excuses. Everything is becoming more extreme, everything is amplifying. It is the pathway of awakening and choice. And it has already started.

It is very likely that a major economic clash, and eventually a military clash, between the Soviet Union and the US will begin in 2015. Already we see a kind of 'economic warfare' against Putin's Russia as the value of the Ruble is forced ever lower and Cuba is quickly bought out by the Western powers. These things are no accident. These things are evidence of a strategy.

And the US will continue to fight a losing battle against its own racism but, by mid-April, major clashes will spill out onto the streets of many cities in the country. A shocking economic downturn will follow shortly after mid-September and devastating terrorist event will likely take place in mid-to-late November. Jeb Bush will announce a run for president. Hillary Clinton will not.

Oh and that Madonna thing. 2015 will be the year of opposites and 'good girls enduring bad things' in celebrity news. In other words…don't watch for news about who Madonna or Miley Cyrus will kiss next….rather, watch for who the 'anti-Madonna' Taylor Swift will plan a white wedding with and then be brazenly heartbroken. That will be the big story of 2015.

For December 18, 2014
Cancer Cancer
(June 22-July 22)

Image: "In a glass factory, a minor explosion"
Message: Smoke and mirrors.

Yesterday's social habits can now be easily changed. Early today watch for loved ones and close friends to request more of your time and emotional dedication. A past pattern of social isolation in key relationships or vague commitments is now coming to an end: over the next few weeks expect loved ones to actively change their attitude toward long-term plans. Before next week business negotiations may be canceled. Remain patient, however: financial agreements will soon be reached.

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