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"When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen." - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I have never been one to shy away from new things.

This week's grand adventure, however, actually had its inception many years ago as a result of my love for all things paranormal. Well, that and a healthy addiction to late night radio.

Late in the evening, you see, when all were asleep, I would quietly close my school books, slip out into the back yard and with my tiny transistor radio tune into Art Bell and listen to his spooky, inviting voice. That is where all this started…this radio thing….in that backyard, looking up to that sky, that is essentially where 'Bella-Haven' was born.

You see, Art Bell did this to me. I would look up into that celestial canopy above me, listen breathlessly to his voice and dream of things to come. I blame Art Bell.

And next week Art will be returning to radio via the internet with his new show entitled 'Midnight in the Desert'. We are all so excited. Who knew that his voice would eventually lead to 'Bella-Haven'. Evil man, that Art Bell. He makes me do crazy things.

And so, this week I stumbled into the unknown. Messy business, the unknown.

Cautiously, respectfully and with a trembling heart I too ever-so-gently waded into the gently undulating waves of podcasting and then…..BLAMMO…..promptly fell flat on my face.

It happens.

As best as I can tell, I made horrible gasping noises….at least that is the way it sounded to me…. and I sucked in water: a lot of water. Much unintentional breathing and giggling was heard. So pathetic. Not very Art.

But you know, I learned a lot… which is important.

Firstly, I learned that things happen quickly in radio-land. For example, on one early broadcast of Bella-Haven I engaged in a lively conversation with Nancy Birnes, my co-host, and 'Chefist', a late night caller into the show. Chefist is a chef, a chemist and he also owns a thriving printing business. Our topic: the magic of 3D printers.

To my great astonishment, Chefist explained to me that with a 3D printer you could actually mix corn meal together with several chemicals, run it through a 3D printer and make food. I was completely shocked. It was just like the replicators on Star Trek.

"What kind of food can you make with corn meal and a 3D printer?" I asked, excitedly.

'You could make Funyuns," he said. Funyuns? What the hell is a Funyun? I had no idea.

Chefist explained it to me. Apparently, a Funyun is a small puffed-up snack that looks much like an onion ring. Gawd…who knew…we don't have such things in Canada…at least, I don't think we do.

And, as you can imagine, a lively discussion then followed. Strangely enough, though; eventually the Funyun Company heard the show, viewed some artwork sent to them by an artistic and talented Bella-Haven listener and contacted Art Bell.

The result: Funyuns will now be advertised on the many radio affiliates as they carry Art's new show 'Midnight in the Desert'.

And that, my friends, is how fast radio can move.

I blame Art.

Bella-Haven is an after show to Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert. It can be heard live every night at 12:00pm PST (3:00am EST) by simply directing your browser to:

And if brave enough, or if perhaps neglectful of your own auditory health, you can sample our first efforts at .

Soon, however, I will be redesigning the Mystic Stars site to include an easy link and station guide to Bella-haven…as well as a number of exciting new features.

Also, please join us in the Bella-Haven chat room:

For July 23, 2015
Cancer Cancer
(June 22-July 22)

Image: "In the old West, a steam engine roaring across the prairies"
Message: Preparing for something great.

Business routines and work obligations may quickly expand today. Shortly before mid-day watch for a work official to quietly change business tactics or policies. For many Cancerians this may initiate steady workplace improvements. Pay close attention to yesterday's documents or agreements: new definitions may be necessary. After early evening family members or romantic partners may drain your emotional reserves.

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