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"And we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun." - John Lennon

Henry had babies. Oh My Gawd.

Some months ago I wrote about a persistent and yet loveable skunk named Henry that from time-to-time would appear at my patio door.

With his furry little face he would stare at my cats, innocently blink his black button eyes and incite long moments of crouching, whisker flicking and low feline growling.

Once contented, he would then toddle quietly away down the garden pathway, delighted at his ability to inspire mayhem. And for at least half an hour Boomer and Squeak would pace, twitch their tails and, oddly enough, purr loudly. Henry, it seems, had a sense of humor.

For a while we didn't see Henry. Oh you could still smell his stinky little attitude…somewhere off in the distance, no doubt menacing some other poor unsuspecting house pet. But we didn't see Henry. He didn't come around as much. And then…not at all.

At first Boomer and Squeak enjoyed the silence at night. So calm and so very quiet. Like moonlight against still waters. And then, like me, they began to miss him.

That jaunty little swagger, his telltale aroma, that fat white stripe….we missed all his skunk-like ways. Every night the boys would sit by the patio door, waiting. Oh they tried to make it look less obvious by cleaning their paws and washing their ears….but I knew they missed him. I knew because I missed him too. He was awfully cute, our Henry.

Henry, shockingly, was also a girl. Who knew?

Just last week I saw him…her…walking down the lane with two tiny little waddles of black fur toddling close behind. So adorable, so darling they were. And young? Like gentle wisps of baby fur. And Henry looked so proud and so very important.

I'm happy for him…um her…really, I am. S/he deserves the nothing but the best. But oh Henry, dear Henry. We do so miss you. There are just so many times you can clean your ears and wash your paws.

Henry, you see, has taught us a valuable lesson. Just when you least expect it, something wonderful happens. Faith. Hope. Renewal.

Everywhere life happens, there's love. Everywhere.

For May 21, 2015
Capricorn Capricorn
(December 22-January 20)

Image: "A penguin caught in a revolving door"
Message: Finding an out.

Love affairs and private encounters may be briefly postponed. At present, potential lovers and long-term friends may feel vulnerable or emotionally exposed. Remain patient and wait for obvious signals of advancement. In the coming weeks, new emotional commitments will work strongly in your favor.

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