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"Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority." - Doctor Who, 1968

Fool that I am, in recent weeks I listened to an entire episode of an internet science podcast.

Black holes, cosmic rays, nebula clouds and gaseous moments of creation…for almost an hour Dr. Michio Kaku and several of his proud NASA colleagues droned on and on about all things stellar.

And, I have to admit, for several minutes I was quite captivated.

Oh the calm pronouncements, the reassurance and the smooth practicality of it all. Science can be so very satisfying. The confident voice of rationality drew a circle, invited me in and, for a brief moment, allowed me to share in the smugness of its knowing. I was hooked.

That is, of course, until one particularly gleeful professor blurted out some incautious comment about the cosmos and then joyfully -- almost triumphantly - proclaimed: 'The universe can still surprise us.'

Had there been a science geek nearby, I would have clocked him.

I mean, really…the arrogance of it.

They have a strong hook, these scientists….clean, effective voices, secure truths and clever conclusions; like the last line of a well written poem. On their off-days I bet they smell of careful soap and disposable cotton. So measured, so spotless.

I, however, know better. And, truth-be-known, I am starting to think these science types are actually….well…becoming just a bit dangerous. I mean really…just what is it that they are selling?

Life is messy. Really messy. So much so, in fact, that without the mess life just doesn't happen. Nothing comes into existence without the devastating shock of birth trauma, nothing lives that cannot learn from painful experience and nothing can exist that first has not been dreamed.

And death? Now there's a mess.

You know….if I could I would like to take some of these science types out into the inky darkness of the night, ask them to gaze into that endless celestial canopy of the Milky Way and, without arrogance, tell me that they have truly lived.

Dreaming, you see, is important. Very important. Dreaming is the mechanism. Life is the engine. The universe dreams itself into existence.

Science? Not so much.

For October 30, 2014
Capricorn Capricorn
(December 22-January 20)

Image: "On a dusty dresser, a broken pocket-watch"
Message: Lost moments.

Late messages or sudden cancellations may now cause tension: by mid-morning watch for family obligations to be complicated by new social demands. Loved ones are now easily influenced by public pressure: expect scattered promises and vague responses.

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