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"If you tell the truth, have one foot in the stirrup." - Afghan Proverb

Sometimes I wonder if I have revealed too much about other realms. Spiritual travel, marauding fiendish creatures, angelic blue messengers, shadowy entities, magical vistas, floating white horses and fast moving portals of consciousness to name but a few. After all, the kinds of things I say are not….well….normal. And they certainly aren't popular.

These things are not easy to hear, I suppose. And I can promise you, if unprepared, these things are even more difficult to see. Your heart has to be strong enough. In fact, that is probably why many of these things have remained invisible to us. You don't see what you can't see. It's really that simple.

But, you see, (pun intended) I have come to a time in my life when I can no longer remain silent. I have learned so much. And everything is starting to make such sense. It's all fitting together so effortlessly that the very precision of it -- the dynamic harmony of it -- is almost pristine. I feel very lucky indeed.

There is, however, also a danger.

Some years ago a wise and elderly Tibetan teacher once told me to… 'Never say the truth. Never ever."

Being the young incorrigible sort I was shocked. I, of course, argued with him.

"But why ever not?" I demanded. "People need to know."

"No, they don't," he said, quietly sipping his tea.

"Yes they do," I countered, irritated with his candor. "People need to understand the world is completely different than they thought." I said, indignant. "People will appreciate the truth."

"No they won't" he said and then reached for a cookie. 'They will just lock you away."

And so, if some day you hear that I have been institutionalized, mercilessly drugged or consigned to some desperately cheerful encounter group, please…please…come visit.

Or, at the very least, send cookies.

For August 21, 2014
Capricorn Capricorn
(December 22-January 20)

Image: "After a fierce thunderstorm, four hiding kittens"
Message: Staying quiet.

Late this morning expect managers or key colleagues to avoid difficult leadership decisions, group assignments or revised office roles. All of this is necessary: over the next few weeks new policies or daily procedures may need to be established. Tonight rest and enjoy the company of trusted friends: intimate friendships and light romantic encounters will be rewarding.

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