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"This is my Kung Fu and it is strong" - Rat Finch, The Core, 2003

People often ask me about spiritual technologies. 'Course, they don't know that's what they are asking about….but they ask anyway.

"Where is the Ark of the Covenant?", they ask; or "Is the Rainbow Body an actual body?" or, my particular favorite, 'how can I make Manna fall from Heaven?'

Good questions, very good questions. These are, after all, some of the most important questions one human being can ask another. Oddly enough, though…the subjects of these questions -- the Arks and the Rainbows and the Mannas -- are not actually questions at all. They are, in fact, answers.

Since recently appearing on the radio show 'Future Theatre' with Nancy and Bill Birnes I have received a number of emails asking for more detailed information about 'The Lost Keys of Enki'.

So…here goes. I will reveal as much as is possible.

I received the Lost Keys of Enki approximately four years ago from a very highly realized mystic empowered to facilitate the transmission of the Keys.

For many, many centuries the Keys, also referred to as MES in several ancient texts, have been hidden by special mystical adepts deep within the protection of the Earth. Their presence was considered to be too dangerous in a cycle of time where human awareness had been commanded to be so low.

From time-to-time the Keys are moved to ensure their safe keeping. It is at these times that the Keys can be entrusted to new 'holders'.

Each Key, when activated together with another Key, 'unlocks' the intrinsic knowledge of an esoteric subject necessary for the building of vital societal structures and for the advancement of the awareness needed to construct new worlds, new spiritual potentials or new realities. There are 104 known Keys.

And just what do the Keys look like?

Well…in a word. Exquisite. They exist on an ethereal plane and they are shaped like very delicate illuminated networks or like glowing strands of light….almost like snowflakes. Some are very small; the size of a silver dollar or a poker chip…and some are extremely large; the size of a small mountain or of a zeppelin.

When moved from one location to another the Keys float out of the ground and waft rather quickly to where they are to be redirected. When transferred from one mystic to another they snap rapidly into place along the 'Shushumna'; a delicate nerve channel located near the spinal cord inside the Subtle Physical Body. The last Key, number 104…which is really just small flicker of electrical light… snaps almost instantaneously into place within the center of the heart.

The Keys are a spiritual 'technology' constructed many thousands of years ago by Enki, a very powerful and special mystical adept. Their existence has been kept secret because there are many entities in other dimensions, both militaristic and spiritual, that do not wish these Keys to be transferred. And they will attack to ensure they are kept hidden or, even worse, they will try to overshadow those that are entrusted with their safe keeping.

The Keys are a device. The Keys are a tool. And the Keys are re-emerging.

For April 30, 2015
Capricorn Capricorn
(December 22-January 20)

Image: "On the edge of a cliff, a hang glider preparing to jump"
Message: Timing for success.

Over the next few days watch for new ideas from friends and close associates. Social event, fresh business contacts or short term work projects may all be on the agenda. Take your time with new ventures: aspects indicate that small details will be confusing for the next four days. Later this evening romance will be pleasing: expect a sudden increase in passion and sensual attraction.

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