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"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder" -- Ralph W. Sockman

In recent weeks I have heard much conjecture about the true nature of time, space and the human mind on various alternative radio shows.

So very frustrating, you see….so annoying. But in a good way.

All these shows seem to be dragging out their newly acquired experts in the apparently burgeoning field of 'metaphysics', shoving a microphone between their teeth and asking 'so just what is it about time and space that is so unique?'

Too funny.

I remember some years back writing on the internet as well as discussing on air with Kevin Smith that it had been my experience that time was, in fact, not linear. Nor, oddly enough, was space. And just as I uttered these words on air there was a collective gasp from the audience…you could just feel it, or at least I certainly could. This was something that had not been said before…ever, and they all thought I was nuts.

Amusing, that…in a charming kind of way. People always need to reclaim knowledge as their own, as if they alone had stumbled upon it. Well…you know what…let them. All I ask is that people keep thinking and keep unearthing a greater understanding of their own true nature. A simple request, I know, but a heartfelt one.

Because, you see, it has been my experience that at certain stages of meditative development there are very specific 'gifts' that arrive.

One of these special skills is the ability to look back in time into a personal memory and, in a way, broaden your experience of that memory. You can therefore witness, comprehend and, in some cases, interact with all events taking place around you in a moment from your own past. It is also true…although don't quote me on it….that an even more developed mind can experience the events and the memories of other people in this fashion.

It is very difficult to explain. But I can assure you that it is very possible to return to old experiences and re-experience them in a much broader and more meaningful way. And, I have to say, it is amazing the things you can learn, the images that come alive…the tiny instances that the first time around you didn't quite see, the thoughts of the other people around you that you can suddenly hear, the meaning of everything and how all of that now just come alive right there in front of you. Makes photography obsolete, I would think.

It is necessary, however, to return to a moment that you have already experienced with some degree of awareness. Just any old memory won't do…it needs to be something slightly removed from your normal thought process, it needs to be some little moment when you were briefly just a little more conscious than usual. And then…oh my…how the world opens up for you.

At a certain stage of development the ability to see small things at a great distance also arrives. I know, I know…it all sounds so nuts. But you know what? Nuts do exist and they are, actually, quite nutritious.

When this began for me it was quite difficult to accept. At first, I would stumble as I walked and almost lose my balance. It was quite unnerving. All at once, you see, if you think of that tree bark way down at the other end of the street then….quite suddenly… blammo, you are there. Right up close, as if you were studying it with a magnifying glass or a microscope. Until you learn to control it…well…you can imagine. You bump into things a lot.

Time and space are not linear. They never have been and they never will be. It is only the limitation of our own minds that makes them appear that way.

So…stop limiting yourself. It's not as hard as you think.

For June 25, 2015
Leo Leo
(July 22-August 22)

Image: "On a deserted park bench, a forgotten brief case"
Message: Lost ambition.

Business ventures begun approximately five weeks ago may now be sidelined. No permanent or lasting effects can be expected, but do watch for brief financial delays. Later tonight loved ones may outline new career hopes and dreams. Be receptive.

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