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"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir,' said Alice, 'Because I'm not myself you see." - Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Often I wonder how one moment leads so effortless into the next. Such a predicament, being human…such an ordeal. One event leads to another and to another and it all unravels like some smooth spiral.

And just how is it that all these tiny snippets of experience are held together by my awareness, briefly interpreted as life and then transformed into a passing thought, a retrievable flash, a memory. It makes no sense.

And yet it makes perfect sense.

In recent weeks I have experienced several 'time slips', visual anomalies and a series of odd coincidences.

Coincidences are nothing new for me. In fact, I have witnessed them speeding up over the years and becoming far more relevant. I know this is a function of advanced meditation and I know that this is merely evidence of the mind waking up….but oh my….it can feel so overwhelming at times.

I suspect that as the fear of reality being so very different begins to fade, the coincidences in your life start to take on a larger meaning and a more complex theme. So much so, in fact, that over the past few months I have actually had to stop them.

Strange…because I don't know really how I stopped them, but I just did. I willed them to stop and they simply eased. And I know that when I am ready again…when a deeper part of me is stronger again and can accept more of the very real…the coincidences will once again intensify and gain in momentum.

At a certain point, I am sure, coincidence will overtake itself and life will open up in yet another new way.

We only see what we are ready to see. That's the way it works. And your heart has to be strong enough to hold it.

Visually, I have also experienced a kind of wavering of physical objects and, at times, a 'movement' of half of a car or a chair or a large rock or a building. The object will just gently split and the top half will shift over to the side for a few moments. Then it will just snap back into place, intact. Very strange.

I have witnessed this kind of thing before…when receiving several empowerment initiations for advanced forms of meditation from highly realized Tibetan Lamas. At a certain point in the ceremony, the Lama or monk will just separate into two parts, shift and reality will feel very different for a few moments.

Never, however, have I seen this kind of thing in my daily life or while walking down the street or while driving. Bizarre how these things evolve.

I have no idea where all this is all leading. I only know that I must go there and the journey can't be stopped.

For April 23, 2015
Leo Leo
(July 22-August 22)

Image: "At the curling rink, a stone sliding along the ice"
Message: Rocky progress.

Career aspirations and complex employment negotiations may be the source of key family discussions today. Long-term goals will need to be adjusted. Expect loved ones to provide valuable advice or a rare perspective on new financial proposals.

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