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"Try another way of looking. Try you looking and the whole universe seeing." -- Rumi

We forget our connections, don't we? We leave the natural world behind, we humans.

Above it all, we are. We have conquered our fears and become civilized. It is a good thing. I suppose. It must be. After all, we all love our morning coffee, we all go shopping and we all enjoy a good movie, safe in our homes. Nothing wrong with that.

But oh….something has been lost, hasn't it?

This past year the heavens have told a magnificent story. The celestial powers have shown us four amazing Blood Moons, a stunning solar eclipse, unparalleled Pluto-Uranus configurations and a powerful Mars-Venus-Moon conjunction…all within the space of a few months. Something is happening. Something is definitely happening. The sky, you see, never gets it wrong.

Soon, I suspect, we will all need to accept a new reality of change, expansion and awareness. Very soon.

And…be forewarned…. in the coming months and years the shrill and fearsome voice that speaks for science will frantically attempt to tell you a different, much more mundane and…well…profitable…story.

The wonders of technology, pristine sexy machines and clever, ascension-capable devices…these are the stories that will soon be told by the ravenous hearts of those in power. They have been working on it for centuries. Centuries. And soon they will even trigger a few well-timed wars to distract, frighten and possess as many hearts and minds as possible.

Do whatever it takes but don't let them take you captive.

Our connection with nature is the key. Such strength from nature. So precious a thing cannot be taken from us. Not really. Our souls are our own. And, for those whose hearts have gone bubonic with jealousy and greed, that's the problem.

Ascension, spiritual progress and inner transcendence do not come easily. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Awareness….real awareness…takes quietness and work and years of dedication and quietness and single-mindedness and much more work and long, deep feelings of dedication and…did I mention the quietness thing?

After all, if you really want to know God…you go into the desert and you think about sand.

Nature always knows. Listen to nature.

For March 26, 2015
Leo Leo
(July 22-August 22)

Image: "In an old growth forest, wafting mist"
Message: Gentle wisdom.

Creativity or sudden intuitions are now due to increase. Late this afternoon expect a mood of inner reflection and calm acceptance to arrive. Areas strongly affected are past romantic or family decisions, social ethics or lost time in key relationships. Stay focused.

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