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"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

People often ask me to describe the things that I see; the beings in other dimensions, the hidden colors, the lost souls, the resonating sounds, the sudden energetic exchanges, the vortexes, the guardians at the doorways of other realms, the doorways themselves and the never-ending tunnels of light. Trust me, it all goes on and on and on.

And I try my best. Really, I do. Describing such things, however, is difficult; as difficult, perhaps, as explaining moonlight to a crowing roaster. The experience, the intellect and the senses just do not allow for such things.

And yet, they do. Over time, and after much work, they do.

When first you start seeing these things, it's a subtle event…a wisp of vision, a fleeting impression. Perhaps you begin to notice the actual red color behind all of nature, the inner sheen of rocks or the subtle yellow glow of the Shushumna in all who pass by you in the street…or maybe just the transparent grey outline of an extra-dimensional animal catches your eye, or a flying spider, or a shadowy squawking bird/snake. Perhaps you even see things that are best left hidden.

Soon, though, it all evolves into a trusted and reliable inner vision.

These are the kinds of experiences that in the ancient world would designate a person as a 'shaman' or a mystical adept. And to test the reliability of this vision, the accomplished teacher would seal the student in a long dark pathway of underground caverns. Only someone with a well-developed and true inner vision could successfully negotiate such an environment. And, if you survived, you were thereafter said to be someone that had awakened their inner mind or had 'risen from the dead'.

Don't believe me? Just ask Lazarus. His story tells the tale.

The ancient ways are beginning to return, I think. But only very, very slowly…as it should be. These things are big, these things are not fanciful or little or inconsequential. These things cut right to the heart of why we are on this good Earth.

Recently, I was asked to enable another step to be taken. Soon, I would expect, there will be more intense solar activity, greater fluctuations of temperature, increased volcanic events and the fast development of insight, inner vision and personal awareness. Much is changing.

Consciousness, you see, is just as much a function of nature as is the seedling, the blossoming leaf or the apple growing on the tree branch.

Nature, you see, has never lied to me. And certainly not to Adam and Eve.

For May 28, 2015
Leo Leo
(July 22-August 22)

Image: "A hammer, four nails, a plank and a jigsaw"
Message: Construction.

Yesterday's decisions are proven accurate. Home ownership, daily budgets or revised family roles now offer tangible rewards. Extended educational programs or special purchases will soon be within reach. Carefully discuss all long-term plans with loved ones.

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