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"Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance?" - Phyllis Diller

Procrastination, unfortunately, has become obsolete. So sad.

Have you noticed yet? The gentle art of postponement has been forever pushed aside by the snarky ping of the Instant Message, by the clever smirk of the modem and by the insistent drone of all things digital.

You just can't avoid people anymore. You can't. They reconnect and they ask for things and they remind you of deadlines and then they gloat, cleverly…as if they, and only they, were on time. And they keep popping up like gophers in the tall grass. It's rude.

It's a kind of social crime, I think. A de-evolution. The gentle art of procrastination, I am afraid, has been forever lost to the evolving digitization of humanity.

You see, it's not a question of avoidance or disinterest or even of laziness. Procrastination is all about safety and responsibility. Yes, that's it: safety, responsibility….and sanity. And respect for the personal privacy.

When did we lose that?

I keep seeing people walking down the street talking loudly as if to themselves….but it's not to themselves: they are boldly blathering on in deep conversation with some friend or employer or relative. When did talking loudly to yourself on the street corner become a sane thing to do?

Recently I have found it terribly difficult to …shall we way….gain momentum. And my podcasts have suffered. I know they have suffered. And for that I am sorry.

But, you see, sometimes you have to let the well fill up again. Sometimes perspective needs to be gained, especially if you have recently been challenged by life. Sometimes it's just hard to find yourself in all the noise.

And, it has always been my experience that as a spiritual person sometimes you shine, sometimes you don't. And it's not up to you. Just ask Moses.

I will return to the podcasts, I promise; it just may take a while. I'm not quite ready. Soon, though. Very soon. I have never been the type, you see, to mold myself to systematic schedules or predictable routines. Just isn't me. Except, perhaps, in meditation.

Were this the 19th century, you see, nothing would seem out of place. I'd be considered creative, eccentric…. I'd be thought of as a 'sensitive'.

Sensitive. Now there's a dirty word in the modern age. Hard to send that down a modem, isn't it?

For February 26, 2015
Leo Leo
(July 22-August 22)

Image: "At a crowded station, anxious travelers switching trains"
Message: Witnessing a change.

Loved ones will now regain their optimism and social vitality. Late this morning, watch for a powerful wave of revitalized interest to arrive in all key relationships. Close relatives will no longer view past mistakes as overwhelming. Provide encouragement.

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