Astrology At Mystic Stars: Aquarius Romance for 2017
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Romance in 2017: Aquarius
(January 21-February 19)

Image: "Hundreds of sparrows in the fresh morning sky"
Message: Excitement.

Shortly after March 3rd new relationships and exciting social introductions may be made available. Early this year a 22 month period of changing physical energy and emotional interest in romance will be ending. For most Aquarians this marks the start of a newly emerging physical confidence, sensuality or returning passions. Past regrets, romantic disappointments or grief will no longer be an issue: expect a dramatic shift in outlook in the last two weeks of March. Before mid-May a powerful awareness of the limitations of present relationships will also be in operation: expect both the positive and negative of close relations to be obvious and compelling. Use this time to evaluate the intimate connections in your life and restructure your emotional priorities. Although this will likely be a time of shared appreciation in long term relationships, planetary alignments also indicate that between mid-May and mid-July, unusual new romantic proposals and uniquely seductive friendships may arrive in your life. Don't be caught off guard: welcome new relationships but reserve judgment on how they will fit into your life. Honesty and self-reflection will see you through this period: expect long term lovers or key relatives to subtly pressure you for a decision before the end of July. All is well: trust your instincts. After mid-July others will look to you for guidance in love relationships: set a steady pace of mutual sharing and timed commitments and all will be well. Some Aquarians, especially those born prior to 1989, may also experience a six to seven month period of intense passion in key relationships. Expect this period of resolve long standing questions of living arrangements, family promises or public commitments to love. An intense and demanding year: stay dedicated to your own well thought out priorities.

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