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Romance in 2017: Leo
(July 23-August 22)

Image: "A crystal bell gently ringing"
Message: Pride, reflection, balance.

Over the next few months close friends or family members may challenge your romantic choices. Before early April watch for loved ones to feel mildly threatened by recent emotional changes in your romantic or social life. All of this is short lived and arises from a lack of positive direction in the lives of others. Throughout May and June you may be wise to set firm boundaries in friendships or avoid delicate romantic discussions with loved ones. Apart from social interference, love relationships will experience a steady expansion in the coming months. Unique choices and creative expressions of passion will be a continuing theme for much of the coming few months: expect sensuality and a renewed interest in physical love to soon arrive. Some Leos, especially those born between 1982 and 1989, may also experience a powerful need to publicly affirm their social or romantic identity to family members. If so, trust your instincts for timing here: you are the best judge of what relatives or close friends are prepared to hear. Important emotional issues in romance this year involve independent thinking and a public assertion of life choices. Unattached Leos may be quickly swept into passionate new relationships before the end of June. If so, expect a unique challenge to old ideas or physicality to soon arrive: the next few months may bring unusual romantic experiences. After mid-June many Leos will experience an eight month period of deep emotional change. Past illusions in romance or social expectations will quickly fade: expect to bring dramatic changes into your social and romantic life in the year 2017. Long term relationships may be mildly strained during this time: be patient and wait for others to adjust to your new speed. A highly creative and joyful year: don't look back!

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