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Yearly Forecast: Aquarius 2019
(January 21-February 19)

Image: "On a crisp spring morning, two chattering squirrels"
Message: Fresh starts.

Early this year someone close may ask for extra consideration or a bold public statement of affection. Planetary alignments suggest that loved ones may now be feeling isolated, misunderstood and emotionally needy. All is good, however: watch for a close friend or romantic partner to boldly state their goals and explain their recent behavior. Outdated social alliances and past obligations to family relationships or home traditions may be effected. Stay focused on present-day progress and all will go well. Between mid-March and late June many Aquarians will experience a sudden and perhaps bothersome upsurge in business demands, employment duties and financial paperwork. Key officials and older colleagues will expect unrealistic results. Remain patient, however, and watch for unique announcement concerning added employees in mid-to-late August. Later in summer travel plans, educational pursuits and group events will require revised planning and careful consideration. Finances may be temporarily strained and may, throughout much of September and October, challenge established plans or short-term spending. No serious of lasting effects are likely here, so no to worry. Do, however, expect past debts and sudden expenses concerning housing agreements, home purchases or forgotten payments to be temporarily bothersome. Vital documents, especially those involving any governmental agency, will likely need to be re-written or re-negotiated.

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