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Yearly Forecast: Aries 2021
(March 21-April 20)

Image: "Under the earth, rich deposits of silver and gold"
Message: Unconscious growth.

Home announcements or family plans may now bring stability and emotional rewards into your life. In the coming weeks and months finances, purchases or home improvements will begin working in your favor. 2021 is an excellent time to plan relocations or begin major repairs to the home. Some Aries natives may, between February 18th and March 11th, also be presented with an unusual home business opportunity. If so, expect new projects to be highly promising but also require detailed organization. Firm definitions and well documented instructions will prove vital: don't neglect minor money issues or workplace events. After mid-April a quick series of social invitations will bring new confidence: friends, workmates and new acquaintances will become a strong theme. Most Aries natives will this year actively adopt new exercise regimes, travel plans, group hobbies or social habits. After June 7th much of this leads to a surprising and unusually passionate expansion in all romantic areas of your life. Expect this summer to be challenged to rapidly grow a key relationship and/or begin a series of bold public commitments in a new relationship. This is the year of 'emotional accomplishment': don't avoid difficult questions and be sure to ask loved ones for added trust, intimacy and commitment. You won't be disappointed.

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