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Yearly Forecast: Cancer 2019
(June 22-July 22)

Image: "At the end of a long garden path, a glowing white light"
Message: Faith, strength, awareness.

Friends and relatives may make unusual proposals or ask for extra promises, commitments and written agreements. Over the first eight to ten weeks of 2019 loved ones will need bold and reliable public statements in order to feel secure, understood and accepted. Much of this has actually been in the works for some months, so not to worry. By late March vital relationships that have previously felt stagnated or poorly defined will begin at least a seven month phase of renewed passion and shared goals. Cancerians born after 1983 will also likely encounter a few odd revelations from a trusted friend or romantic partner. Areas concerned are past relationships and hidden financial debts. Stay focused on long-term goals and all will be well. Workplace difference will be resolved between April 23rd and June 11th. For many Cancerians this brief phase of realigned employee roles will end almost two years of political power struggles in working relationships. Let the older colleagues state their case and then move on: this is a time of emotional purging and reaffirmed business goals. Some Cancerians may also experience the unexpected arrival of two or more job offers or business opportunities. If so, expect ongoing complications until early September. Be patient: meaningful rewards are available. After mid-September romance and sensuality are a strong theme. Many Cancerians will this year revitalize their relationships or, in some cases, begin an exotic and passionate new romance. Expect the unexpected this year, Cancer: much is changing.

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