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Yearly Forecast: Cancer 2021
(June 22-July 22)

Image: "At school, three young girls opening their lockers"
Message: Combinations that work.

New romantic partners or potential lovers will be particularly seductive over the first few weeks of 2021. Emotional attractions and a fresh approach to romantic introductions may now become an ongoing theme. Most Cancerians, especially those born between 1983 and 1997, may also encounter a mildly unethical social or business proposal before the end of February. If so, expect friends or colleagues to apply pressure concerning financial or joint ventures. Remain cautious: new business ideas will need fullresearch in the coming weeks and months. After mid-March social events or late invitations will cause much speculation and gossip: expect friends or close colleagues to question the motives of others. Remain philosophic and don't react to unusual statements or social information: exaggeration is likely. Between May 6th and June 18th a complex business proposal may bring about a fairly dramatic career change or employment improvement. New fields of interest may involve financial industries, technology and communications. Later this summer a close friend or relative will likely propose a significant home change, relocation or series of improvements to the home. Don't hesitate: 2012 is a year of home and business expansion as well as a fairly dramatic time of romantic decision. Trust your first impressions.

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