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Yearly Forecast: Capricorn 2015
(December 22-January 20)

Image: "Along a country road, a field of ripe sunflowers"
Message: Warmth, growth, acceptance.

2015 is a year of ethical choices, romantic decisions affecting long term relationships and leaving behind the desires of the past. Early in the year watch for the arrival of a brief and unusual stage of moodiness, irritation or emotional isolation from lovers. Before March 11th those closest to you may act and react in ways that may seem out of character or even mildly challenging. If so, consider this to be a positive sign and an indication that you are now preparing to progress by leaps and bounds in your emotional and romantic life. At the moment, many Capricorns are in a period of stalled emotions or romantic indecision that will likely manifest as restlessness on the part of others. After this period ends, approximately between March 11th and April 20th, you will find your life fast progressing toward passionate encounters, deep expressions of love and fast commitments. Ironically, before April 20th long term relationships in your life will, once again, begin acting life acquaintances or superficial romances. Consider this period of emotional distance to be the momentary pause before the storm. Beginning early in May, and continuing on throughout the remainder of the year, you will be strongly encouraged by lovers to enter more fully into deep romantic relationships and find new ways to express your passions. Many Capricorns may marry this year or find the a new and exciting soul mate. It may also be necessary, after August 5th, to leave behind your connections to old beliefs about love or let go of a flippant or hardened attitude. Business and financial opportunities will be quickly presented and then quickly delayed between April 17th and June 14th. After mid-June, however, progress will be rapid, reliable and sustainable. The coming few months will bring several remarkable opportunities for new employment, creative business expansion or new career partnerships. Trust your instincts and respond honestly to all proposals.

Key Themes for 2015: "To accept love or to offer love, what is the difference?"

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