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Yearly Forecast: Leo 2019
(July 23-August 22)

Image: "Deep within the earth, glittering crystals"
Message: Hidden gems

New friendships will be demanding and highly unpredictable in the first few months of 2019. At present, many Leos are preparing to bring great changes to their daily social lives and emotional goals in vital relationships. Before March 25th expect friends, close relatives and/or long-term romantic partners to be mildly possessive of your time, energy and commitments. At the same time, however, planetary alignments suggest that a powerful wave of new social contacts and fresh choices will arrive in your life. This may be a difficult time but it most certainly will be a rewarding one. Let others play out their own drama,'s best to stay cheerfully removed. After mid-April business assignments and workplace roles may change significantly. Pay close attention to the minor instructions of bosses, managers and key officials. Vital information concerning new projects and potential job placements will be subtly revealed. Take full advantage: time is short. Throughout much of June, July and August fast business improvements are likely if, and only if, you have stayed on the cutting edge of new technologies, assignments and group proposals. Later this summer some Leos, especially those born between 1988 and 1992, will encounter a rare opportunity to bring lasting change to their personal or romantic lives. New relationships and fast social encounters are accented and will likely trigger vital romantic decisions before the end of the year. Trust your own emotions: your goals and needs are valid.

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