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Yearly Forecast: Pisces 2019
(February 20-March 20)

Image: "On the bottom of the ocean, four translucent pearls"
Message: The appearance of wisdom.

New friends and business partners will be particularly demanding over the first few weeks of 2019. After mid-January expect past documents and established agreements to be challenged, re-written or stalled. Workplace negotiations will require key officials to settle a long-standing power struggle: remain patient and watch for fast progress after February 21st. New friendships may also be effected but will likely become unusually changeable or emotionally confusing before mid-February. Stay focused. Throughout much of March, April and May most Pisceans will discover a new level of passion and sensuality in a key relationship. This phase of deep emotion and complex attraction will end at least seven months of miscommunications and conflicted priorities in love relationships. Some Pisceans, especially those born between 1983 and 1988, will likely begin a surprising and emotionally dynamic relationship in mid-to-late April. If so, expect travel and long-term commitments to quickly become a key issue. After mid-June most Pisceans will also begin a five month phase of deep spiritual work, powerful dream revelations and meaningful social change in their lives. The latter half of 2019 will compel many Pisceans to greatly change their lifestyle, reclaim lost dreams or goals and/or begin a serious phase of reflection, spiritual study or new awareness.

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