Astrology At Mystic Stars: 2014 Sagittarius
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Yearly Forecast: Sagittarius 2014
(November 23-December 21)

Image: "At school, three young girls opening their lockers"
Message: Combinations that work.

Measure once, cut twice…no wait. Cut once, then measure. Um…k….when you measure, then…um…don't cut….oh geez, just never mind. It's all too much; this practical stuff…isn't it? Numbers, facts, figures, decisions: before mid-February most Sagittarians will be presented with some interesting new choices. Much of 2014 will bring lasting changes to home finances, land agreements and long-term business contracts. A solid indication of all this will likely arrive between January 19th and February 22nd. All will eventually work in your favour but will, unfortunately, take much concentration, dedication and respect. This is a year of practical gains and newfound confidence. Trust your instincts and ask family members to support all your decisions. Later this summer, most Sagittarians will encounter a remarkable deepening of romantic commitments or, in some cases, an intense wave of new flirtations and potential love affairs. Emotionally and spiritually, the universe will now ask you to transform all vital relationships into lifelong commitments or, alternately, bring reliable partners into your life. After August 12th much of this new emotional clarity and outgoing attitude will trigger five to six years of passionate communications, fast home agreements and intensified romantic experiences. Don't hold back: it's time to greatly expand both your professional and your personal ideals of success.

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