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Yearly Forecast: Taurus 2018
(April 21-May 20)

Image: "Before opening curtain, a loud and energetic orchestra"
Message: Passionate overtures.

Over much of the coming year Taureans will need to speak more honestly in key relationships, find positive ways to resolve past family or romantic disputes and, ultimately, publicly reveal their private feelings, needs and goals to loved ones. After approximately 17 months of slow progress in romantic and social relationships, many Taureans will now experience a powerful motivation to bring meaningful and lasting change to their emotional lives. Beginning early in March watch for a brief but intense phase of financial discussions in the home and/or minor disruptions in romantic relationships. Key issues may involve long-term debt, home planning, family arrangements or shared financial duties. After March 26th a new era of bold expression, emotional clarity and revealing communications begins in all long-term relationships. Spiritually and emotionally, this marks the end of almost seven years of lingering memories, influences from the past and unproductive nostalgia: for most Taureans vital relationships will now become a central theme in their lives. Single Taureans can expect to meet a new lover between March 2nd and May 27th and begin a fast moving, highly passionate relationship. Between April 5th and mid-July, however, business associates and key officials may be unusually focused on past accomplishments and yesterday's unproductive goals. If so, maintain an optimistic attitude and avoid public debate: minor workplace disruptions and private resentments will tend to escalate before July 21st. After September 8th watch for a quick financial breakthrough or job promotion: planetary alignments suggest that business and money luck will steadily increase before the end of this year. A complex and emotionally important year: expect 2018 to mark the beginning of a new era of romantic confidence and renewed financial security.

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