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Yearly Forecast: Aries 2022
(March 21-April 20)

Image: "After midnight, a sudden wind blowing across a lush mountain valley."
Message: Feeling the need.

Early in 2022 many Aries natives will feel a major push to improve their lives concerning security, income, career and financial independence. All of which are positive and will progress meaningfully throughout the coming five to six months. However, some Aries natives.especially those born between 1982 and 1998.will likely also encounter tremendous pressure from loved ones or close relatives to bring drastic changes to both their living arrangements and their long-term career plans. Resist all such pressure and outside influences until well into June and all will be well. From approximately December 3rd 2021 to April 17th 2022 the universe in it's wisdom will be offering a rare few months of extremely lucky career plans, changing employment goals and highly rewarding new business contacts. This is a time of awareness and learning from your deeper self on how to best bring security and accurate career goals into your life. Some Aries natives may also feel as if a brief but intense pattern of workplace challenges and family strain concerning business is repeating itself almost identically from the choices and meaningful events of approximately eight to nine years ago. If so, evaluate these past choices for accuracy toward your most deeply felt inner desires. New choices will present themselves, but only if truly necessary. Later this year watch also for a romantic partner or long-term friend to make sudden and extreme demands on your time, attention and loyalty. All looks positive here so not to worry. Do, however, expect that between mid-July and late September someone close may force highly emotional decisions into a key relationship. Romantic triangles and vital changes to long-term relationships are accented. Stay focused on your original feelings and the unescapable truth and all will sort itself out. A very important year: expect your innermost world, business expectations and romantic desires to be frequently tested this year for accuracy, insight and reliability.

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