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Yearly Forecast: Cancer 2022
(June 22-July 22)

Image: "In the centre ring, an exciting juggling act"
Message: Relaxed vitality.

New business ventures or employment opportunities will be, although unusually complex at the start, extremely rewarding this year. In the coming seven to eight months watch for rare business beginnings and excited proposals from potential employers, older colleagues or trusted friends. Some Cancerians will find surprising new options in the areas of home-based businesses, technology, travel, research, higher education and finances. After mid-April romantic partnerships and fast, new attractions are also accented. The coming 16 weeks will bring renewed sensuality and a steady increase in social proposals, giddiness and romantic invitations. By late August many Cancerians will have experienced a powerful wave of renewed sensuality, social expansion and shared emotional awareness. The coming year will be a time of honesty and open expression in several key area of your life. Romance and social commitment will prove to be a new source of emotional security in the latter summer months. After several years of sluggish progress in relationships and strained social triangles, much will begin to work in your favour. Between August 19th and September 28th a new friend or potential lover may unexpectedly propose a change of residence or extended travel agenda. Trust your deeper instincts here: all is well. Family relations are also accented throughout late summer and early autumn. Pay special attention to younger friends, family members or colleagues that may require advice. Privacy and delicate emotional issues will likely play a key role here: stay balanced. Much of this year will trigger a series of important changes in your life: watch for outdated or forgotten dreams, goals or affections to soon demand a new level of respect and attention.

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