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Yearly Forecast: Gemini 2022
(May 21-June 21)

Image: "Five eagles gliding low over a fast-moving river"
Message: Finding the passion.

New friends and work acquaintances will bring unusual and rewarding opportunities into your life throughout much of the next 14 months. Beginning in late January, and lasting until mid-2023, watch for a compelling wave of renewed business growth, emotional clarity and highly focused career goals to arrive. For many Geminis this is a time to bring a 28 month phase of stagnation to an end and to make better choices. Dearly held goals will soon become more easily achievable. After January watch for a steady wave of new options to arrive in your life: career paths, surprising romantic encounters and sudden changes in residence may all be a continuing theme for much of this year. Don't hesitate to follow your initial instincts: your deeper self is offering true honesty. Geminis born between 1985 and 1991 will also experience a sharp rise in intuition, romantic intensity, sensuality and social insight. After April 11th expect to feel a newly emerging self-awareness and fast series of both romantic and social invitations. Much of 2022 will inspire most Geminis to greatly expand their emotional lives as well as claim more authority and security in their business lives. Refuse to listen to the doubts and criticism of others: both are a distraction. Between July 17th and August 12th pay special attention to unique business proposals and sudden workplace changes. Planetary alignments suggest a once dismissed idea or career opportunity will now demand decisive action. After mid-August financial increase, although perhaps unexpected, is likely: stay focused and watch for fast changes. Later this summer someone close may propose and unusual romantic invitation or ask for a bold public commitment. New relationships, if begun with honesty, are highly favoured. This is a year of fresh starts, dynamic business partnerships and unique social changes: expect the return of all that really matters.

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