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Yearly Forecast: Leo 2022
(July 23-August 22)

Image: "On a bright spring morning, a field of clover swaying with the breeze"
Message: Natural growth.

Career and workplace decisions need to be finalized by mid-to-late April. At present, colleagues and key officials are open to new concepts, proposals and revised workplace roles. To some degree, for many Leos, this new phase of business availability will follow at least nine months of political struggles in the workplace and unusually strained communications. Don't question the change: rather, use this time to discuss your ideas, goals and expectations to colleagues, managers and bosses. Between April 27th and June 16th many Leos will encounter rare or last-minute proposals from authority figures. New job titles, greatly revised long-term projects and special assignments are all accented. Much of this will lead to a surprizing opportunity in late June or a new career path: stay focused. Social and romantic relationships will be active and changeable throughout the summer months. Beginning shortly after June 11th pay close attention to all subtle flirtations and new attractions. Planetary alignments suggest that many Leos will soon enter into an unexpected and unusually passionate love relationship. If so, expect some drama to also arrive: personal relationships, long-term friendships and family dynamics may all require some adjustment. Don't hesitate: this is your time to explore the kind of romantic relationship that you may feel has alluded you for the past five to six years. Already attached Leos can expect much of this to manifest as a new era of travel, bold expression and renewed sensuality in their present relationship. After mid-September watch for a close family member to reveal unique changes to their personal or home life. Shared financial arrangements, extended travel, co-habitation and/or new educational programs are all accented. Accept all as valid: loved ones need your approval and support. This year is a powerful year of change and expansion: listen closely to your inner instincts and all will work in your favour.

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