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Yearly Forecast: Pisces 2022
(February 20-March 20)

Image: "Deep within the jungle, a lush garden of blooming roses"
Message: Creative growth.

New workplace assignments and business partnerships will be difficult but highly rewarding in the coming months. After mid-March watch for a previously silent or older colleague to relinquish control of a long-term project. A creative approach is needed: expect others to ask your advice and eventually your leadership in a very vital group effort. Avoid discussion finances, in any way, with co-workers or partners and focus on the broad strokes of what is needed for success. Quickly, you will be asked to take the lead. Between April 17th and May 8th planetary alignments indicate the arrive of a new job role, career path or workplace promotion. Be patient and offer quiet leadership: others will greatly respect your choices. Unemployed or retired Pisceans will likely find a major new business project arrives at this time. If so, expect a vital and secondary source of income to also soon arrive. Later this summer many Pisceans will also encounter a rare and private flirtation. Planetary alignments suggest that a new friend or attraction may ask you to keep unusual secrets between mid-August and late September. If so, expect there to be much more information to be slowly revealed; new love relationships, although potentially complex and dramatic, will eventually offer positive and lasting rewards. Already committed Pisceans will likely experience this time as a brief but intense wave of unexpected proposals from their romantic partner. Relocation, change of career or family/home expansion may be at issue. Be supportive: your opinions, ideas and affections are far more important than you may be aware.

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