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Yearly Forecast: Sagittarius 2022
(November 23-December 21)

Image: "At daybreak, a herd of wild horse running across the prairie"
Message: Passionate responses.

Complex business relationships and stained workplace dynamics, although dramatic, will be permanently resolved by mid-to-late June. Many Sagittarians are now completely a fairly demanding era of competing egos and minor grievances in the workplace. For much of the past seven months emotional triangles and political infighting has slowed progress or stalled business relationships. Little of this was your doing, so not to worry. Do, however, expect others to be critical, dramatic and highly secretive. Don't be tempted to act as mediator: no good will come of it. Rather: wait, watch and expect previously silent authority figures to announce important workplace changes before the end of June. New employees, revised job roles and sudden promotions are likely: stay alert and be ready to take on added duties. After July 18th watch also for a sudden wave of romantic attention and new attractions. Planetary influences suggest that some of this new attention may not be completely ethical or acceptable to family members. Go slow and wait for your heart to make the right choice. Between mid-July and late October most Sagittarians will experience meaningful change to their social lives and romantic commitments. All that has been on hold for the past 27 months will now demand public resolution. Aspects also indicate that partnerships that are meant to be will become obvious and unavoidable: pace yourself and wait for deep, emotional confirmation. Later in summer a friend or close relative may also announce a complex financial undertaking. Extensive home renovations, large purchases or property/land agreements may all be accented. Progress will be long, sluggish and deeply rewarding. Offer your emotional, not financial, support and all will unfold quite naturally.

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