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Yearly Forecast: Scorpio 2022
(October 24-November 22)

Image: "At a joyful summer festival, children dancing in the woods"
Message: Fresh beginnings.

New friends and workplace acquaintances will complicate your daily schedule over the next few months. Between March 3rd and June 11th many Scorpios will experience a sudden rise in group invitations and rare emotional complications in their social circle. Although entertaining, take all such antics with an added measure of patience and caution. At present, close friends and relatives may need extra time to sort out their social or romantic loyalties. No worries: just remain emotionally supportive and all will work itself out before the end of June. Bold public announcements and family celebrations may be on the agenda: if so, stay quietly detached. After July 14th watch also for a trusted colleague or key official to ask for special attention to an ongoing and troublesome project. Between mid-July and late August many Scorpios will find it necessary to review documents, clarify the workplace mistakes of others or bring closure to a difficult project that has frustrated authority figures. Remain cheerful and philosophic: this kind of special attention to the difficult past in the workplace will soon bring surprising new roles, promotions or assignments. Watch for this kind of opportunity to create an exciting new career pathway in 2023: stay engaged, much is changing. Later this summer a close relative will likely announce a vital change to their marital status, romantic life or long-term home arrangements. All are positive but may be briefly complicated by conflicting job assignments or career decisions. Stay well removed from all such issues: loved ones will feel both strongly possessive and highly passionate about the needs, choices and it should be. Expect others to now claim authority over their own lives and decisions. An extremely positive and progressive year: make room for much worthwhile change in vital relationships and workplace roles.

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