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For February 26-March 3, 2024
Taurus Taurus
(April 21-May 20)

Image: "At the edge of a nest, a fledgling bluebird flapping his wings”
Message: Trusting the process.

Fast workplace discussions and last-minute social changes will be unavoidable this week. Minor problems concerning mistaken facts, dates or times will now briefly escalate. No serious or lasting effects can be expected here, so not to worry. Watch, however, for others to be short-tempered or easily distracted by insignificant information. After mid-week most Taureans will begin a five to six week period of practical decisions, revised work duties and fast financial adjustments concerning home budgets. Ironically, planetary alignments also indicate that approximately six weeks from now a powerful new era of steady financial expansion arrives. Friday through Sunday aches and pains affecting the feet, lower legs or hips may be temporarily bothersome. Get extra exercise and rest.

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