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For July 28-August 3, 2014
Libra Libra
(September 23-October 23)

Image: "In the morning light, two swans preening their feathers"
Message: Simple pleasures.

Spend extra time with loved ones early this week. Friendships and love affairs will now, and over the next nine days, offer new emotional rewards and intimacy. Many Librans will now begin a brief but intense period of romantic communications and creativity. Social events may soon introduce new friendships: stay open to unique invitations or proposals. After Monday avoid overspending or new debts; finances may now require special planning or precisely timed decisions. Review financial habits and ongoing money issues before mid-August: planetary alignments now suggest that new sort term plans or budgets will quickly create improved options. Later this week a lover or new friend may be briefly moody or doubtful. After Friday plan private moments and quiet, seductive evenings: romantic expression and meaningful gestures of love will hold a special appeal this week.

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